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Fabric Cable | Round | Jet Black - Vendimia Lighting Co.

Fabric Cable | Round | Jet Black

Regular price £2.99

If you're a lover of all things black then our Jet Black Round Fabric Cable is the real deal. The darker than dark smooth satin finish means there’s nothing this lighting flex doesn’t go with. Ideal for showing off metallic fittings, adds a striking difference to ensure bright colours pop and when used to hang light bulb clusters, fades into the background to allow them to shine.

Priced per metre and supplied in a continuous unbroken length.


3 core (also use as 2 core) Insulation: double PVC Amp current rating: 8amp CSA: 0.75mm sq Bend radius: 24mm Weight per metre: 55g Outer diameter: 7mm | Max load weight: 8kg | CE certified

Jet Black is also available as a Twisted Fabric Cable.

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