Rose Gold - Still the ultimate fashion trend

Rose gold made its appearance in 2012 and last year saw people going crazy for it! Rose Gold iPhones, Rose Gold Kitchens and even Rose Gold Cars. So why is this trend still so popular?

It lives someplace between shiny and muted. You might not call it opulent, but it’s far from subtle. Rose gold has a way of catching your eye, without jumping out and poking it. 

Rose gold is actually a combination of gold, silver and copper. This modern-day alchemy produces a delicate pink hue that is decidedly feminine. Rose gold is surprisingly versatile, and compliments a wide range of colours and styles.

What many fashion-forward designers are doing today is pairing rose gold with more traditional metals. When along-side Silver or Steel, the Rose colour adds just the right amount of contrast. The two together project a brilliance that neither have alone.

Here at Vendimia lighting we are keen to keep on trend and offer innovative products. Thats why we've just launched our new Rose Gold Bulb Holder. Paired with any of our shades this stylish bulb holder is the perfect fashion feature.

Make sure you don't miss out on this eye catching trend and check out our website where we offer Rose Gold Cable, Cages and much more.

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